TOP 10

1 ¥17,896.29
2 ¥17,715.95
3 ¥11,842.12
4 ¥9,664.85
5 ¥9,393.05
6 ¥8,912.95
7 ¥8,910.07
8 ¥6,061.08
9 ¥3,413.71
10 ¥3,081.29

(All prize are shown in RMB.)

XIN Gaming presents you a new Kungfu slot “Legend of the dragon”with Special Prize Feature! Extra and high payout excites every player.

To welcome the new Kungfu star, Mr. XIN is holding multiple rounds of Gold Coin Rush exclusively for "Legend of the Dragon" players from 9pm to 11pm (GMT +8 Beijing Time) on 2nd - 4th Jan! Simply tapping on the coins flying around, and you may get coin value up to ¥8888. NO prerequisite and wagering requirements! Consecutive 3-Day, multiple rounds per day! Come and Get your prize home!

When an event notification pops up,
please click "PLAY NOW" to join Gold Coin Rush

Tap the coins as many as possible

Your total prize and ranking will be shown when the coin shower ends

Prize withdrawal in 2 hours without conditions.

  1. Only XIN Gaming real money players are eligible. Each account can login one device only to join the event.
  2. The system will randomly start serveral rounds of Gold Coin Rush every night between 9pm and 11pm from 2nd - 4th Jan. Players can tap on gold coins to win the prizes.
  3. After players tap on a gold coin, prize will be shown immediately. Total prize is sum of gold coin value a player tapped.
  4. Once Gold Coin Rush ends, the system will notify players numbers and total prize of gold coins grabbed as well as Ranking.
  5. Total prize will be transferred to account credit in 2 hours automatically.
  6. Players can check the Gold Coin Rush record in history section.
  7. Should any dispute arise, the decision of XIN Gaming shall be final.