Online Slot Revolution - Jackpot Lobby
Jackpot Lobby creates a new slot era and XIN game experience!

A whole new world for professional online slot players!

Jackpot Machine

Over 100 Jackpot Machines in the Lobby

Real-time Jackpot Data

Jackpot Lobby provides real-time Jackpot data for players to predict Jackpot win. Every Jackpot machine has its independent Jackpot data. (*XIN Gaming is responsible for all Jackpot generated in the Lobby)

One Jackpot for one slot machine

Every Jackpot machine has an unqiue Jackpot and 4 seats for players to test their luck.

Player Interaction

Players are able to see actual play screens of others and their winnings of every bet while they are playing in the same Jackpot machine.
To give players an interactive experience, there is a chat room in every Jackpot machine.

5 Bet Zones

To attract different types of players, Jackpot Lobby offers 5 bet zones. Higher bet give players chance to win higher Jackpot!

Privileged VIP Scheme

A privileged and permanent membership for players to cummulate their EXP from every bet and win.Higher VIP level gives out higher extra bonus for every Jackpot win.